What sets CDG apart and why you should choose us for  your next custom designed bag.

FULL SERVICE ART DEPARTMENT – Almost all of what we produce carries artistic decoration. The corporate logo, a date for an occasion, the name of a tournament, regatta or a give-away at the party for the new grandbaby. All these occasions require art to be silk screened or embroidered to identify the occasion. Send it to us in the best for you can find (crayon on a cocktail napkin just doesn’t work) and we will put it into a workable form for your bag decoration. We also work with full-color transfers, but you need to call us to discuss that process.

PANEL PROGRAM – If you have done embroidered items in the past and your logo or company name has already been computerized, we will send the required bag panels to your embroiderer, and then when the art is completed, they can send the panels back to us at the factory, and we will assemble the bag. This process guarantees and cleaner finished bag and also makes embroidery possible when it would not be possible if the bag involved small spaces due to finished seams.

EMBROIDERED RIBBON – When the company or the occasion or the individual needs to be notched up, the embroidered ribbon on the handles and/or shoulder strap makes a bag or duffel or briefcase really stand out. This way of subtly making a corporate name or logo stand out is often used by the fat-cat companies on Wall Street, and it really is classy. We can give you all the information and pricing that you need for this category of decoration. Your bag or duffel or portfolio really will stand out. It’s really worth the extra cost.

LEATHER TRIM/HANDLES/DEBOSSED PATCHES – There is nothing like a bit of leather on a boat or duffel to make it different and stand out from the ordinary. Because all of our products are custom made, we can mix and match and interchange as many ideas as you think of. Change off the regular handles for leather handles, or even shoulder length handles. Then there is leather strapping down the side and even a leather bottom. And for a change, what about the company name or logo debossed on a leather patch and sewn to the side of the bag. All of this is possible. As we have said, anything (well, almost) is possible.

MULTIPLE FABRIC AND COLOR CHOICES – Finally, or perhaps we should put this at the beginning as it is a basic decision when designing your special bag, the choice of fabric, its content, canvas or nylon, its weight depending the job it will be asked to do – not camo ballistic nylon for a wedding favor nor 10 oz. canvas for a battery bag to be used on an oil rig. The fabric used and the color of the fabric is completely up to you, with appropriate suggestions as to suitability, of course. Custom all the way.

FULFILLMENT SERVICES – This too is something that we offer. If the bag that you are anticipating will be sent to 400 employees in 15 offices around the world, and each one needs to be individually addressed, that too is something that is also a service that we will gladly provide. We will even prepare the international documents needed, and they are a nuisance as you know. But again, the service comes under the heading of “Anything”.


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