Salesmen Cases – Architectural, Cabinet, Medical

The soft sided case is an extension of the salesman no matter what the product is that he is selling. He must take it to the potential customers. Usually, they are not going to come to a showroom or factory that could be hundreds of miles away. We have been designing and making these cases for over fifty years, and it is hard to think of an item—from stove parts to diamonds to indescribable medical instruments—that we haven’t designed. They have had foam inserts, protective plastic walls, directional panels explaining the contents and where it fits, and in short just about anything required for the contents to be transported safely and with quality of materials and workmanship that will ensure a long and useful life at the job that it was designed to do. In 1994 we designed a carry case for a kitchen and bath remodeling company to carry cabinet doors. Recently we sent an increased supply to his grandson who has grown the business and is still using the same case that we designed 25 years ago. There is literally no limit to how the soft sided case can be designed.

Private Label

Inventive minds are everywhere, and they are always coming up with ideas like the next hoola-hoop or the paperclip or a flying deckchair. If these ideas ever involve a bag of some variety for some new and unaddressed job or carries a design or artistic shape that hasn’t been seen before, these brilliant inventors need a manufacturer to turn their ideas into reality. So they come to us. In truth, some new bag ideas are really terrific, and in truth some are really dumb. Either way, we work with the brilliant minds, produce patterns and prototypes so they can get a clear idea of what they are envisioning. For a step further, we will even supply shipping services when the orders (sometimes, often not) start to roll in. No idea is a bad idea. Every idea, particularly for a new bag design needs to be explored to the fullest, and we are here to do just that.



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