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The tote bag has become an indispensable part of our lives. This is confirmed by the fact that when Google is asked to help in finding a supplier, it comes up with 466 million suggestions. That’s right million, almost three quarters of a trillion companies and individuals designing, manufacturing and selling this item in 360 degrees of quality, functionality and design. What was once simply the humble bag that hung on the kitchen door knob has become the cherished shopper’s helper, the macho carryall, the corporate identity at the squash court to say nothing of the uber effective branding tool. Certainly humble no longer, the tote bag has arrived.

L.L. Bean used the term “Tote” when they introduced the Boat Tote in the mid 1940’s primarily to the boating crowed. It was designed with a double bottom for transporting ice from the freezer to their floating playgrounds. The Boat Tote today is an icon, but more importantly the convenience it initiated into family life and travel really fostered the concept that “bags-can-do-the-job”. In the bible we used baskets to transport food and goods and to do every manner of task. Now just two thousand years later, we use bags. The tote bag is a blank canvas for the creative imagination it can be used to perform any task it is asked to do—carry something—tell a story—sell something—create an image—essentially do any job.

So if the tote bag is a fashion statement designed by Sarah Jessica Parker to display her shoes for her customers to brag about, or a huge oversized camo bag to convey John’s duck decoys from the Land Rover to the river’s edge, the tote bag has become a vital and integral part of our everyday life.


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