American Made Duffel Bags & Backpacks

History, Uses, Variety

It was the cloth that first gave the bag its name. Duffel is the name of a town in Flanders, Belgium where it was first made as a tough canvas cloth in the 17th century. Then during WWI the cylindrical bag was developed for the troops. The original design had a draw cord closure, carry handles and a convenient shoulder strap. Its capacity was endless and dearly loved by those who carried all their worldly possessions. But today to duffel, like to tote, has evolved into an indispensable item in our everyday life.

Quick trips or long weekends when you don’t need much and when those few things are casual and wrinkles don’t really matter, the duffel is the perfect travelmate. Driving? Pitch it in the car trunk. Flying? Stuff it under the seat out of sight. Train connections? Lightweight with convenient shoulder strap for the inevitable sprint from Platform A to Platform Z. Porters are a thing of the past. The duffel goes where the old suitcase would never fit. Louis Vitton luggage has always been the darling of the rich and famous (and wannabees of both) but who can lift them when packed?

Just as the weekend can be as many days as you decide and the activities can be as varied as the imagination will allow, so is the design of the duffel bag—rugged to fashionable but always functional, we continue to design for both meeting the requirements and sometimes whims of our clients.

For example, ad a nylon lining for increased water resistance. In a square ended duffel, insert a covered bottom board for added rigidity and structure. And then ad bass stud feet to the outside. And then there are pockets…inside, outside, on the sides, on the ends, fabric, zip, mesh. Endless possibilities and capabilities from hiding smelly squash shoes to protecting a precious present.

Because we are an onshore factory—New England—even better, every aspect of design can be incorporated; fabric, color, decoration; silk screen, embroidery, embroidered ribbon, debossed leather patch, and particularly size from the tiny purple duffel with pink handles for Jenny’s fourth birthday party favors to the “Long Skinny” to carry tennis rackets or fly rods. To the gym, laundromat, moving the whole family, to for just cheap storage in the attic, the duffel bag is dearly indispensable and can be customized to absolutely any use or job that it is asked to do…with long lasting endurance.


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