Versatile Duffel Bags

Completely! The duffel bag has proven itself to be the most accommodating and certainly popular bag for any job or occasion. Dress it up, dress it down, make it so large you can hardly lift it when filled, or so small it is an adorable little girl’s pocketbook, haul it, store it, brand it, the good old duffel bag is a wizard of versatility, lending itself willingly to any job that it is asked to do.

Here are some jobs that come instantly to mind, and there are probably ten more that I haven’t thought of. By the way, let me know your unique uses of the duffel and I will pass them along to other duffel fans who are always coming up with new ideas for ways to use their favorite bag. There will be a prize in your idea by way of a [considerable] discount on your next order.

The Sports Duffel or The Duffel For Sports

Whichever way you want to call it, it is probably the bag that we are requested to build most often. We supply college and school teams where showing their logo is a great source of pride, as well as corporate outings, sailing regattas, country club tournaments, all of which shout a message about “winning” both for the individual as well as the
organization or team. The custom designed duffel bag has infinite variations and possibilities to accommodate the grass stained sweat pants and steaming sneakers (line it with water resistant easy/wipe down nylon), to protecting hard won precious trophies. And lots of outside pockets and mesh pouches for the vital water bottles. Like any custom designed product we make, you can go platinum or budget. Completely up to your imagination.


The duffle is squashable for tight spaces . This is such a plus in today’s fast paced, crowded world of travel, to say nothing about the fact that now there are fees upon fees for luggage. The duffle is the quintessential travel bag.

Gone are the days of the Louis Vuitton trunks and cases (that weigh a ton empty not to mention packed) being carried through crowded train stations by blue smocked porters. Today it is all about ease and speed. We carry our own luggage and we need to get there in a hurry because we are usually late and the lines are long. Also, “Carry-On” is the best possible travel luggage what with newly
incurred baggage fees by the airlines. Again, the duffel bag to the call. According to almost all critiques of luggage in today’s world, the duffel bag wins the vote.

Here again, it can range in price from not too many dollars to many thousands of dollars. Have you visited the Louis Vuitton site recently? Yes, even they offer a Speedy Bag. No longer offering the impossibly heavy and cumbersome trunk (but still, of course brandishing the distinctive “LV”) the speedy bag is (their words) timeless, streamlined, edgy. We can do that too. But certainly not for many thousands of dollars, and sorry, no “LV”. But everything that you need and want for the ultimate travel duffel companion.

Also, here’s an idea to think about. When deciding on the conference gift, or employee appreciation, there is nothing more appreciated than the commemorative
duffel that carries the corporate logo of the occasion.

The Ultimate Gym Bag

And of course, the ultimate gym bag is spelled d-u-f-f-el. The duffel bag is totally flexible and adaptable to any job and can be designed to transport anything for those trips to and from the gym from long handled rackets to smelly socks and sneakers. Moisture resistant interiors, mesh exterior pockets, ventilated shoe compartments are all possible and available for the custom designed sports duffel. At Canvas Design Group, we have been asked to design duffels for everything from retro hockey equipment bags for a documentary film to a tiny purple duffel with pink handles to be given as guest gifts at a Bat Mitzvah. Square ended, round ended, long, short, fashionable,utilitarian or both, you design it, we create it. Anything is possible when you have
the people and the facility to be innovative and make ideas a reality.

The Best Beach Bag

Anyone who has experienced taking a family of youngsters to the beach knows that it is like an Army maneuver involving quantities of clothes, towels, food, equipment, books, bottles….you name it. Again, the expandable, flexible, squishable duffel is front, center and willing to dothe job of organizing and transporting that is needed for a day at the beach or lake


This is where the size can go really big and can be made in camo fabric to blend in with the environment. Ammunition, gun cases, decoys, extra clothing and boots, the duffel holds whatever is needed on a trip into the woods, marshes or uplands. It can even be designed to accommodate freezer bags by having a padding and water resistant lining to accommodate the birds or fish or game that are the reward of the trip.


Old duffels never die. They just reinvent themselves. Families inevitably grow, and youngsters outgrow clothes, toys, almost everything, but it is not always a good idea to throw or give these things away. Better to store the navy blue blazers and the short pants and the baseball uniforms and the tutu from the 6th grade Christmas pageant. You never know, tutu always come back into style as do small blue blazers. What about the seasonal storage of the summer curtains or the summer linen from the cabin or just the family winter clothes in the spring and the summer clothes in the fall. The duffel bag is the ideal storage place for these items.

Duffels By Occasion

And this is a whole other way of approaching the subject of the versatile duffel. Before we looked at the “job” the duffel was best at. Then there is the “occasion” when the duffel would be a huge hit. The wedding, the tournament, the regatta, the corporate outing, the fund raiser. The list goes on and on. But that is for another article. Enough for now.

Oh, and by the way, send me your ideas for what you have found to be a unique use of the versatile duffle, and there will be a handsome discount on your next order. I’m a great believer in prizes and rewards.

Thanks for reading this, and stay tuned.